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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Newspeak » The Newspeak Programming Language

Newspeak » The Newspeak Programming Language

Newspeak based off smalltalk. Aiming to have the simplicity of squeak but wanting a function programming style to better allow for multiple core computers in the future.

It is still in early development and far from ready from prime time but you can learn more here at newspeak home or there are also a few newspeak videos to review as well.



Which Smalltalk? | Smalltalk Zen

Which Smalltalk? | Smalltalk Zen

A small article which summarise Smallalk VM's and IDE's though they are one in the same in smalltalk.

Soory to spoil the surprise but the ultimate winner was Pharo a fork of the squeak project.

Pharo Project Page

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